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Thread: Setting up inflatable polar bear

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    :santa: Setting up inflatable polar bear - Help please :(

    We received our first inflatable ornament as a gift and are having some trouble setting him up! We cannot seem to tether him without him wanting to fall backwards or forwards. We eventually get him to stand up straight but then the time kicks off for the night and we start all over again when the time goes back on the next day. We thought there would be enough air from the fam that he would stand on his own also when it would kick on but no such luck. Does this mean we are going to have to go out every night when we get home and fix him?
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    We have a Santa & it's the same thing. DH set up a couple of extra strings on it. So that he would stand up straight.

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    Yeah definitely give it more support. Especially if your area is windy.

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