In two days it is package-evening here. This is the end of the Sinterklaas period.

Grown ups often write poems to each other(that are supposed to be from Sinterklaas) to accompany the gift. The poem is meant to be nice. It can be a bit teasing(about someones bad habits,) but not mean. You select who you buy the gift by drawing names. I did this on a Dutch forum I am on. I received a package and send one out to someone else. Tonight we will open the gifts at 21:00 and I am very curious about the poem I got and about what's in the package.

A rough(clipped and altered) translation of a Sinterklaas poem by me. It runs smoother in Dutch(I promise)

Dear Krista,

Sinterklaas was in thoughts
about a present that Krista would like lots
She had turned 30 this year
and at the thought of her advanced age Sinterklaas wiped a tear

Piet said she still liked to have fun
even though another fase of her life had begun
she was now a mother of two
but her big mouth had stayed too.

She is used to getting her way
but in all honesty Sint had to say
that she was still a sweet child at heart
A fine woman, strong and smart.

Sinterklaas had no idea what to buy
for a woman that catches the eye
She is a real lady with a bold streak
streetwise, but also quite chique.

Piet suggested something to make her beautiful
that would be something useful.
Sinterklaas agreed with the smart piet
that would be a good present indeed.

So dear Krista, my child
stop letting your thoughts run wild
Here is the present I spoke about
You deserve it, no doubt.


Sint & Piet