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Thread: exterior christmas lights around house

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    exterior christmas lights around house

    hellow all,

    i have an exterior christmas light question/issue. i cannot seem to find an answer to this question, i have been searching for a way for the past 3 years.

    I have a long ranch style home. i have 2 exterior power outlets, one at the back of the house and one at the front. i have been wanting to string together icicle christmas lights but have a problem connecting more than 3 string lines together. every time i go over 3, the little fuse in the string it should.

    i dont know what i can do to be able to connect lights all the way around the house. i dont have dimensions but i need more than 3 strings together. i dont have any other location i can plug these lights into. i also dont want to be running 50 extension cords on the outside of my home just to light these up.

    im trying not to have to buy $20+ led lights to fix my problem. i saw some LED's online for $22 per string but i can connect up to 125 strings of lights for one fuse. that would be awesome and would work perfectly but my budget does not allow that at this time. what other options do i have?

    can anyone please help? i am attaching a pdf of my home which shows the exterior outlet locations, to give you an idea of what im dealing with.

    thank you in advance!!!

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    How many sets does it take to cover the house? You could run extension cords along with the icicle lights and do it that way. Say, on the left end of the house you would be hanging icicle lights PLUS 3 extension cords. When you reach the end of the 3rd Icicle string, plug the next on into one of the extension cords. Then you would be hanging 2 extension cords plus the icicle lights. So on and so forth. It shouldn't overload your circuit on the house like it does on the light sets. Just an idea! :D

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    thanks theedwin,

    i have thought about doing this as well, but it would take a lot of strings of lights to complete the whole roof perimeter. since i dont know who has that many extension cords in there garage, it would be cheaper for me to go buy LED lights than it would to buy that many extension cords which would also have to be quite lengthy to reach from each outlet.

    i figured that was going to be the only way i could do this, but i was hoping there was somethign else that could be done which i didnt know about.

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    I have 24 strings of icicle lights on the front and sides of my house. I use 4 heavy-duty 3 pronged outdoor extension cords to power them. I power 6 strings of lights with each by plugging a 3 outlet adapter into each extension cord.

    I plug 2 sets of three strings of lights into the adapter and run the lights in opposite directions from the adapter now I have 6 strings of lights powered by 1 extension cord. Another method you can try if you have flood lights mounted to the sophets of your roof you can get a receptacle that screws into the light socket and plug lights into it.

    Hope this helps.I assume by your handle you are a bass fisherman like myself.I was born and raised in Canton,Ohio now living in Texas where the fishin' is good all year round.

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    love to fish for bass. LM/SM. im down in good ol Cincinnati!!

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    This would be nice after setting up all these stuff.

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    i saw on a tv show about extreme Christmas lights that you can replace the little fuses with pieces of galvanized nails cut to the same size..........


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    Most LED lights are under 20 dollars. In the long run, it will save you more money because they use a considerable amount less energy. They are also rated for at least 100,000 hrs compared to the regular incandescents, which are rated at about 10,000. Take a look at this site.

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    And you can also strings of battery-powered LED lights.
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