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Thread: Hi Guys just a bit of fun

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    :gingerbread: Hi Guys just a bit of fun

    Hi guys ive built a fun christmas website, its a non profit thing just a bit of fun check it out if you have some time, and comments welcome.

    thanks again

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    Thanks for sharing your site with us! I just took a quick look at it - great idea!

    Hope you're enjoying the holiday season so far...
    Bob, Forum Moderator

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    23 Days

    Hello everyone only 23 days left until the big day, check out my website's plan it section for money saving tips, also view our online and high street dos and dont's section for great money saving ideas. We have also started a group on facebook so if your a member please show your support to our group entitled "SANTA IS REAL WE NEED 1,000,000 FOLLOWERS TO PORVE IT" Thanyou in advance for looking at the site and supporting my work hope you enjoy it.

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    :snow: Hi

    Hello everyone, I know have my homemade HumBug Love fairy proud atop my tree, dont forget to check the site to make yours, new updates include more daily tips and new Christmas colour in and print online. Dont forget to get your e-mails sent to santa too...

    Christmas Wishes


    or search Humbug Love on google were the first site on the list

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