I have been wracking my brain to figure out the perfect Christmas gift for my grandmother but it has been very difficult. She doesn't have any hobbies and she isn't much for watching TV (so I can't buy her a DVD set of anything). She doesn't listen to music and she isn't into girly things, like fancy clothes, jewelry, and bubble bath. She is very simple, and she has always been that way. She also has been diagnosed with Neuropathy and she hasn't been able to walk (Which has been very difficult for her since before the Neuropathy she was a free-moving, healthy individual). She is on medication that makes her shake violently and so she can't really use her hands for too much (So I can't take her out anywhere because she doesn't feel comfortable) . She has also been told she is borderline diabetic so she doesn't eat anything sweet. I thought about finding a diabetic approved chocolate/sweets club where they would send a new box of candies for a year, but I haven't gotten to look into it (I only thought of it last night). Also she hasn't been going out so she doesn't wear anything other than a couple old sweatshirts (I bought her a bunch of comfortable, nice sweat suits last Christmas because that is all she wears, but she doesn't even wear them because they are too nice). We got her a new blanket so I can't get her another one, and she has diabetic socks so I can't just get her some pretty, soft, warm socks or fuzzy slippers. I have also kept her stocked with foot creams because the Neuropathy makes her feet very uncomfortable so I can't keep getting her more. I feel saddened. I don't want to keep buying her stuff that reminds her of her Neuropathy. But otherwise there isn't anything I can think to get her that she will love. I want her to have a Christmas filled with fun gifts, like it should be. I don't want to get her stuff that reminds her that she is sick while I'm getting everyone else exciting things. I ask her what she wants but she says she doesn't need anything. I'm lost. So to sum it up...she doesn't read, watch movies, listen to music, have a hobby (i.e. knitting), she can't eat sweets, she doesn't drink, she won't wear any new clothes, doesn't like jewelry or bubble bath and I can't take her out for a nice dinner or to do something interactive because she doesn't want to go out until she feels better. The only thing I remember her enjoying pre-Neuropathy was going to church. She really liked the community there, and sadly she can no longer go (I know she misses it). I would get her a DVD of Sunday masses, but she wouldn't watch it. I'm sure there are others out there that have/or have had ill members of the family. What did you get them that seemed to be a hit?