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Thread: Holiday Shopping Offically Kicks Off!!

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    Holiday Shopping Offically Kicks Off!!

    Woo Hoo!!! Black Friday, let your holiday shopping begin!! ( I know a lot of you are already done but for people like me...I have not yet begun to shop!!!!! ) What are you shopping for today??


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    Well, I'm working - not shopping. My daughters were out this am however. The 25 year old was trying to get a coupon for a deal on a laptop at Best Buy. She got there at 2:45am and line was so long she just went shopping at other stores. She said the guy who was first on line had been there since 1:00 pm on Thanksgiving Day!! Younger daughter went out at 4am with her boyfriend. At 6am they were at Walmart. He wouldn't let her go in because he "didn't want her to get crushed"! I think he was just picking up something for her and that was an excuse to keep her in the car! Maybe I'll go out tonite for a while!!

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    we went out this afternoon not a morning person. I hate crowds. the only place I went was to the dollar tree. I had $3.00 and some change and I spent it on the dogs!
    Wishing you many hot cocoa mornings and firesky nights throughout the new year!

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    Well I went to the mall at 8:00pm. It was still packed with people but some good parking spots were available. I picked up 5 small gifts. Have only 6 more to get! Hope to wrap a few everyday. I love beautifully wrapped gifts but find it gets overwhelming if I try to do too many at a time!

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    I am a person who NEVER, NEVER, NEVER shops on Black Friday, but I went out about 4:00 PM and bought a few clothes to wear for the holidays.

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