Hi all

Christmas is coming and allthingschristmas forum is as busy as ever. Because of this we have hired a new moderator to help our existing and popular moderator Pumpkinjack. Our new moderator is ChantelleJoy. She is a 28 year old female living near Toronto, Canada. She has been doing web design as a hobby for about 10 years, and she has been moderator on other popular forums as well. She is of course a huge Christmas fan and she especially loves cooking and sharing holiday cookies, decorating around the house and spending quality time with her best friends and family. She's really looking forward to sharing another holiday season with the forum members, and hopes everyone is just as excited for this Christmas as always!

Please welcome ChantelleJoy, feel free to ask her any questions, and remember to do what she is telling you according to the forum.

Merry Christmas