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Thread: Xmas shopping in NY USA?

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    Question Xmas shopping in NY USA?

    Did anyone from Europe or UK go xmas shopping in NY?
    Which items did you buy? How was your shopping experience?
    Did you go to the pre xmas sales, or the post xmas sales or earlier?
    Are you going again this season? Will you go xmas shopping in NY in the future?
    Did any non-New Yorkers go xmas shopping in the big apple?

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    Hi Xmasflora

    Found this Xmas shopping in New York

    Maybe you can use it?!

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    My sister have bought something on Walmart Store Just DVD movie and PC game..

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    Hi xxxlhxxx

    Welcome to allthingschristmas forum!

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    Happy posting!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xmasflora View Post
    Did anyone from Europe or UK go xmas shopping in NY?
    ....Are you going again this season?
    I've just booked a flight to Boston for Christmas shopping. I came accross this site that explains the benefits of shopping in Boston over New York. Easier to get accommodation and lower sales tax. Actually there's no sales tax on clothes
    The sales tax in New York is very high (8.375%). Buy something for $150 and it ends up costing you $162.56. You could save lots of 's on your total christmas shopping by going to Boston
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