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Thread: Problem adjusting to New LED Lights

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    Problem adjusting to New LED Lights

    I wanted to save some electricity and aggrivation this year by finally going to the new LED type mini Christmas Lights. I had been waiting because of the color problem with the white lights. The first couple of years that LEDs were out the white mini lights had a bluish tint to them but they called them white. Then they came out with actual blue LED lights that were much bluer. I have solid white incandescent mini lights now and they have a beautiful yellowish tinted white light that goes well with my red barrel tile roof and beige paint.

    Last year Warm White LEDs were released and this year I've found Icicle LED warm white lights have come out. I went to the store and bought 6 strands of single warm LED lights and lit a tree in my front yard with them. Unfortunately, the warm white has a greenish tint to them and not much of a yellowish tint. Standing in their glow it gives you a pale greenish look and it reminds me of florescent lighting.

    Has anyone had any experience with a LED white light that is closer to the incandescent type lights common for the past few years?

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    Well, here is what I did. I decided to go to a local home improvement store and try different coatings on the plastic to see if I could change the tint. I tried a clear gloss coat, a metallic brass coat, a yellow paint and what I thought was another clear coat. It turns out the best application was the last clear coat. Unfortunately the last coating was actually a white gloss enamel that I didn't shake the can hard enough and all I got was a quick clear paint and with some yellowish tint. The next best was a the metallic brass coating to the top of the lens only not the clear sides. My bulbs are the mini-cylinders with the concave tops. Put the brass in the concave hole only not on the sides. It does warm the lights up a little and doesn't seem to affect the brightness at all.

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