Poll: Which color(s) will you be using on your main tree this year?

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Thread: Your Christmas Tree Colors This Year

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    I'll use golden and green color most. and I decorate it with light bule/red lighing.

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    leeds, england, uk
    my main tree will be red, gold, and green with white lights. i love the traditional colours

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    my tree will be multi colored

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    I try and stick with red, green and gold, but ther are so many nice things to hang on a tree, I go multi.

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    oh for goodness sakes, haha, I really have got to start paying more attention to things. I had read MW's question wrong. I had thought it was what color LIGHTS are we using on the tree this year. Anyway, I always use a lot of different colors on my tree.

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    I do that a lot, Steph. BTW, my tree is pre-lit with white mini lights and I think it's too much trouble to add anymore lights.

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    My main tree is gold and rust, with red velvet roses and white lights.

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