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    2009 Penguins

    Hello Everyone!

    Sorry I don't spend much time on here, but I have a few ideas that I would like to share with you.....

    In the last year I have learned alot of things about electronics and animatronics. I find those stuffed animals that are battery operated and "sing and dance", all the time at thrift stores. Normally I can purchase them for $1-2 each. I don't like all of them, but I do sometimes like the "song and dance" that they do. Mostly the dance. I get Dogs, Bears, etc etc.

    Well I decided to take these "Already Animated Things", strip them down to the inner mechanical mechanism, and then take apart a Penguin (or snowman) and insert the mechanical portion of the "Already Animated Thing" (AAT) into said Penguin or Snowman. I can now make a former Dog or Bear, a Penguin.

    Here is an example:

    Well, you know I won't stop there!

    I took out the "electronics" of the AAT, and just wired the motors up to a transformer. I will call it a "Wall Wart". (You know, those big clunky things that you plug in) SO I can get an old toy to work continuously without batteries.

    Here is an example of that:

    Well now, let's think about this. If I can get an AAT (already animated thing) skinned down to the mechanics of it, place a penguin on it, then get the little motor that runs it to run off a transformer.... Why couldn't I get that little guy to run off a Gemy Light Show! (A Gemy Light Show is basically a light show in a box. Plug your Christmas lights in and enjoy the show!) HA HA

    Not me! I want it to do something else! I want it to run my little AAT's (my penguins and such)

    Here is an example of that!

    Now, I can't just have 1 little penguin dance all by himself! I must have some Snowmen!

    Same thing. All former toys, all run off of transformers plugged into the Gemmy Light Show!

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