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Thread: Wanted: Gemmy Lollipop or Star Walkway Lights!

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    :light: Wanted: Gemmy Lollipop or Star Walkway Lights!

    I'm looking for some of the 5 to a string Lollipop or Star walkway lights made by Gemmy and sold at various retailers including Lowe's and Home Depot. This year's models appear to only be 4 to a string and therefore won't have the same pattern as my existing 5 to a string lights.

    Please let me know if you have some that you are willing to part with.
    Jason Hull

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    are you talking about the Gemmy Lollipops that are the color changing light show? If so there is I think one or two left at my Canadian Tire, I'd be willing to go purhase them and send them to you. I would just want to do this quickly if you havent already gotten them, I just got a set for myself, this is why I know and it's only at the one Canadian Tire sice I have two here and checked both, I think they are just selling the left overs. let me know.


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    Thanks for the offer. I actually found that Lowe's is selling 5 to a string Lollipops this year. The light sequence is not the same as last year, so I'm just replacing all the ones I had last year plus buying additional ones for this year. 20 sets, LOL.
    Jason Hull

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