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Thread: How do you buy decorations?

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    I add to my collection of decorating items buying new when I see something I really like and it's a good price and buying at the Goodwill store.
    I also change some of my tree decorations when I change my colors for my trees. I do this by adding ribbon or something that goes with my color theme.

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    I use the same ones every year, but I also but new ones every year. When it comes to Christmas decorations, I'm a terrible impulse buyer. I just gave a realy great decoration to my neighbor for his door. It's a Teddy bear with a Santa hat. I've had it sitting in a bag for years. He loved it. I figured somebody should get some use out of it. I bought it for my door, but every year I hang a snowman on my door, and I know If I changed it, everybody would be saying "What happened to the snowman?"

    I already have more tree decorations than the tree can hold, so not everything gets put on every year. I need a bigger place so I can put up a second tree.

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    i use the same decorations but always buy new decorations each year, every year i let my kids pick a new ornament for the tree, this year we have picked personalised christmas bells to hang on the tree

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    I usually use my old ornaments except for the tree in the living room. Last year I did the tree in the family room with new ornaments and didn't seem the same.

    I always buy a few each year to add to my collection and not all can fit on the tree so some get left in the tote.

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    I basically use the same ones every year. I didn't ever do that until I was introduced to Led lights. They last soooo much longer and I don't have to get a second job to pay my electric bill. You can barely tell that there is a house under all my lights!! They make different shapes and sizes.

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    I have one tree for which I have a gold theme. I wish I could change it up but that would mean buying all new decorations and ornaments. Typically, I'll add to the collection by buying 1-2 new pieces a year if I see something I really like.

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    we use the same ones every year but i do add new ones to keep up with the latest stlyes. or if there is some where in the house that looks a bit bare ill try get something for it.

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    I use most of the same ones every year, the ones I don't, I give to my daughter-in-law. I always add an outdoor lighted decoration each year.


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    I used to hand sew a lot of them. I collected Matyo ornaments over the years; I seriously wish I had a couple of dozen more. I also buy some ornaments each year depending on my theme for that year. But I always use mostly ones from previous years.

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    I like to make and buy, I do a different theme every year so I make a lot to try and cut down costs, my theme this year is candyland and it's not very easy to find candy ornaments that aren't the same here in Canada so I really have no choice!

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