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    Question Ideas Please

    My Family & I Operate a private Christmas lights display in Queensland, Australia.
    This year we wish to add a special element to our display, an interactive element for our visitors. Previously we have had a Land Train Carriage which is pulled along behind an Christmas Decorated Ride-On Lawn Mower (Tractor), We have also had Fake Snow in a Inflatable Snow Cave (As it does not Snow in Australia). This year we were thinking maybe a 'Reindeer Barn' with a live deer that Visitors can Feed, Pet etc.

    Unfortuneately this years has to be low budget etc, If anyone has other Ideas it would be Greatly appreciated.

    Look foward to hearing everyones Ideas!

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    Maybe make a santa's shop where kids can make little candy wreaths or candy trains? Some hot cocoa for the parents and kids to go with it? Have some friends willing to help dress up as elves to help hand out.

    You tractor idea was neat...attach some homemade "cars" and make it like a Christmas train. And drive around the block (if not illegal) as like a hayride. Maybe add your cave and make it a snow tunnel?

    Oh, I know those aren't great idea but maybe they can help you think of something.

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    Thanks Smoky, Great Ideas!
    Would love to hear other people's ideas as well, keep them coming!

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    Wow! you haven't gotten anymore ideas? The people here have some talent I'm surprised there's not more ideas!

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    a unique suggestion :)


    Maybe this video I found in you tube would entertain your visitors.. I thought it is a movie video but it's rather a new form of an entertainment tool.. it's fun and cool to watch because it features cuddly puppies and kittens bonding and just having fun..
    you could set it up into a flat screen tv or pc monitor..
    This video is really nice and cool to watch..
    check it out..
    "puppies and kittens dvd" in you tube

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