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    New Tree Idea

    Howdy: I want to pick your brains for some ideas. This year I want to decorate my tree completely different. I'd like some ideas. I read were traditional Christmas is in this year but we just redecorated our living room and I want to go with cream and burgandy. I already have some beautiful burgandy and gold ribbon to use along with gold beads. Any suggestions on themes? The past 3 years my tree was birds and birdhouses. This year I want something that is more formal.

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    How about a Victorian tree? Your colors are perfect for it.

    Beads look formal and go very well on a Victorian tree.

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    Is your tree pre-lit or are you using a live tree? If you are adding the lighting yourself, I suggest using a mix of red and white lights or red and gold lights.

    You could do glass ornaments in bronze to accent the burgundy and cream. Also add subtle golden ornaments. Try doing some BIG glass ornaments with smaller ones instead of a steady layer of same-sized standard ones.

    As far as a theme, maybe fruits, flowers and branches? I've inserted large (fake) holly and poinsettia sprays among the branches. You can jazz them up by spraying glitter glue on them. I think that bold magnolia blossoms are also gorgeous. Add some golden pears or decorative fruit. I also think that some grass sprays would be nice inserted among the branches. Natural or sprayed lightly with some glitter spray for shine.

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    I can't believe it has taken me this long to get back to you guys. Actually I have been thinking about the forum just soooo busy and part of that busy was checking out the Christmas decorations at the stores.

    I love both replys to my questions. In fact I have magnolias in the room. My tree is prelight but all white lights so I will add red lights. I think some gold lights added would look wonderful. I bought a lot of gorgeous ornaments at Hobby Lobby Saturday.

    I am so excited only 4 weeks till I can put the tree up. My hubby would croak if I put it up sooner. LOL what a scrooge

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