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Thread: Black Friday

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    Black Friday

    This is kind of Thanksgivingish as it is the day AFTER Thanksgiving
    Anyone going out Black Friday (bf) shopping this year?

    We go every year to JCPenney for the free snowglobe and then shop from there. - Watch Christmas clips, movies, commercials, cartoons and more, online all year long!

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    I've never gone Black Friday shopping. I always spend that day doing my decorating and wrapping all the presents I've previously purchased/made.

    But we might go this year. DH doesn't work this year on BF, so we might be able to go to a few stores if there's anything in the sales worth going for.

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    Years ago we went and that was enough for us. Yikes, it's crazy. Interesting it started out as a shopping day for women who's husband's were hunters so the wives would have something to do and it's evolved into this crazy Black Friday.

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    new york state


    My sister and i have gone as it is crazy and alot of people but,we like the excitement it's fun,and we have found some good bargains.

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    It is absolutely CRAZY! And it is absolutely fun, fun, fun. I live about 15 minutes from one of the largest malls in the USA. If you don't arrive first thing in the morning, you could drive around looking for a parking space for a good 45 minutes! People take buses up there from NYC (about a 40 minute drive) so the place is bustling! I usually have my main shopping done before then, so I concentrate on buying a few stocking stuffers and watching everyone else go crazy! This year I'm working at my store all day so if I get out at all it will be in the evening when things calm down alittle!.

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    Black Friday is way too crazy for me. Lots of stores are offering the same deals online this year (or better). I'll be writing my Christmas cards tomorrow.

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    Love it! I go every year. Have been for the last 5 years or so. I didn't get out until 6:30 today because there was nothing that I really needed to get. I usually head our about 3:30.

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    Ornement, are you talking about (or were talking about last year) The Palisades Mall? That place is a MAD MAD MAD house on Black Friday. If you try to get there any time after 8am traffic is jammed up into the slow lane of the highway.

    I said in a another post that I love Black Friday and normally get the majority of my christmas shopping done on that day. (when things are 40 50 or 60 percent off, who wouldn't?)

    I've never heard about the "Hunting" reference to it though. I've always heard that it was just a traffic nightmare beings its the unofficial start of the Christmas season and many companies give employees off to extend the Thanksgiving Weekend. Later it is remarked as "Black" because its the time that stores and shops look to come out of the "RED" (profit loss) to the "BLACK" (profit gain) I don't know how true any of it is though.

    I'm up for work every morning about 4 am so getting up a couple hours earlier to hit the stores (aka wait in line) isn't that big of a change for me--- my girlfriend, that is another story. But I enjoy all of it.
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    Yeah Fezziwig - I was referring to the Palisades Mall! I don't even attempt it anymore on Black Friday. I also have heard that Black Friday is the day the stores become profitable - although I don't think I really believe that! Maybe on average...
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    I like to hit the busy malls...even if I don't buy much its fun to get out. The crowds, Christmas music, Santa

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