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Thread: your xmas present budget?

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    your xmas present budget?

    how much you think to spend per person, for xmas present?

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    For me it depends on the person and how much I have to spend. Usually I usually buy for:
    - My boyfriend: 50 - 100(=$70 - $145)
    - Our dog: 5-10(=$7 - $15)
    - My parents, brother and sister: 10-15 p.p.(=$15 - $20)

    However there are years in which I find it very hard to stay within that budget. If I see something really nice and it costs more I usually buy it anyway.

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    What is a Christmas budget???? I wish i really knew, cuz every year i spend way to much money then i had planned on lol. I do know what it is just being a little sarcastic lol
    Now wait a minute, Susie. Just because every child can't get his wish that doesn't mean there isn't a Santa Claus.

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    I'm like you, ikey2, I don't have a budget. Yes, I should, but I do layaways and try and pick up things through the year, so that helps.
    I Love This Christmasy Time of Year!

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    hmmmm, i spend far to much every year, i usually plan on spending around 300 on each of my children and i have 2 and 300 boyfriend, but last year i ended spending 600 on each of my kids and 500 for my bf, so i went well over budget .

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    LOL....I like your style, Kimmy. While I don't really stick to a budget, I try and make things equal with everyone.
    I Love This Christmasy Time of Year!

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    It depends on the person. For immediate family it's $20-30. And for friends, coworkers, etc. it's less. Usually I can get a great deal that is WORTH alot of money.

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