I searched the forum and didn't see any posts about the Mindflex. Has anyone seen this thing? My kids are already driving me nuts asking for it - and it really looks like a neat toy. (I decided to preorder one today, because they are supposedly going to be impossible to find in stores.)

Here's my attempt to explain:

You wear a wireless headset that can apparently read your brainwaves and tell if you are concentrating, or not. The headset transmits it's signal to a console type thing, where you use your thoughts/concentration to control and maneuver a floating ball around a fan-powered obstacle course . . .

I'm not exactly explaining it clearly, but I swear it's the coolest board game type thing I've seen since . . . ever, really.

You can take a peek here: http://www.squidoo.com/mindcontrolgames , if you are interested.