Christmas presents can be expensive and buying one gift for a friend or family member to open on Christmas day, doesn’t always seem the most economical or interesting way to go (unless you know they want something like a new phone or an iPod for example).

So, we suggest that you buy lots of unusual smaller gifts, which you can use as stocking fillers for alternative Christmas gift ideas. These could include things like sweets and chocolates, but also original gift ideas, such as engraved gifts. If you are thinking about Christmas stocking fillers for him, why not consider engraved lighters or engraved cufflinks? From £10 - £16, they are unusual Christmas stocking fillers that he can keep for years to come, which is nice considering an iPod or a mobile will on average only be kept for a couple of years. If you want Christmas stocking fillers for her, why not think about engraved gifts for her also, engraved compact mirrors are a fantastic gift idea as well as a personalised mug, perhaps? Personalised mugs start from £7 and can be personalised with a photo and/or a name and message. So, design your own mug today to put in her Christmas stocking. Christmas stocking fillers for kids include personalised CD’s, with the kids name said a few times inside the audio story plus another great Christmas stocking filler could be an engraved Noah’s Ark money box or an engraved memory box. These are all gifts that the intended recipients can keep and cherish for years to come. We firmly believe that now and again it is much more special to give smaller Christmas gifts that large presents that the recipient will only use for a short period of time. Giving a personalised present is also much more thoughtful.

So, go on, get buying your Christmas stocking fillers now! Alot of these gifts can be found online at places like or similar. These online shops are dedicated to stuff like that. For the sweets idea I mentioned earlier, it would be a great idea to find out the favourite sweets of the intended recipient and get those. In town in which I live there is a great retro sweet shop, they have loads of sweets from yester year which are great for my mum and dad and even my grandparents.