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Thread: Traditional Xmas

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    Smile Traditional Xmas

    Well I grew up with a traditional xmas and eventhough I like browsing the xmas magazines for new and inspiring ideas for contemporary decorations most of my xmas remains traditional small turkey dinner alas no virginia ham for us euros ,
    one xmastree with gifts , and some xmas decorations around the house , bowls filled with shiny baubles & red candles.

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    Who can forget the experience of his or her childhood? No one can forget the experience of candy hunt on a Christmas Eve especially. The Christmas carols seemed so special and melodious to me in my childhood. Kids look for the right moment and than bang the doors and ask for candies on the Christmas Eve. It is fun. It is an experience of its own kind which people cannot forget. Till this day, I see kids trying their best to collect lots of Christmas candy. This is what I used to do when I was a kid. Faces may have changed but not the phenomenon.

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    Cool tradions

    At our house we traditionally get together with family on CHristmas Eve. THis year we are going out to eat. We ususally have a gift exchange for the adults. as well as the kids.It is alot of fun. THen on CHristmas it is just me and my hubby. I make a ham dinner for us and we call all our family. We exchange our gifts on CHristmas.

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    i am 18 and live with my parents and my 20 year old sister but on christmas eve and day it is like we are all litle kids again we get up soo early, on any other day off we would think the time was ridiculous but its christmas!! we go down and open our presents going around in circle with the youngest first (our dog barney) opening one present at a time so we can all see waht each other has we then phne relatives to wish them a merry christmas and sit down at dinner time to a roast turkey meal which my mum always cooks brilliantly! the its games and fun until the late evening it is a family occasion and we do the same every year, its great! on christmas eve we generally all have to work but when we get home we settle down with a nice meal and then watch ailm and wait for the christmas day!!

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    Throughout the year we keep working to earn our bread and butter. In America each family is busy in working for their own bread and butter. This is a general concept here. As soon as the children cross the age of fourteen they are regarded as mature and they are allowed to go and work out for their own expenditures. Then the whole year passes while working. They hardly see each other on the dinning tables. There is always a need to sit with your family members and spend some quality time. This is where Christmas solves the problem. The whole family sits together on the eve of Christmas and that is what we do and what I like most about christmas.

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    The Holiday Worlds of Old
    I'm n ot really sure what our new traditions will be this year because my wife and I just had our first child this October. :D Last year we celebrated Christmas eve with my maternal grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousins. On Christmas morning my wife and I had our Christmas and then house hopped from my parents to her mom's and then to her dad's. I'm thinking this year more people will be coming to see us.
    Bob, Forum Moderator

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    wow it is getting closer every day. I am really looking forward to the big celebrations! I am starting to organize my holiday meals. I go away on thanksgiving so I just have to bring a dessert for that. But christmas is my big time CHristmas eve and then on CHristmas day again.

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    Christmas Traiditons vary in my house. The anticpation of Christmas is what gives me the warmest and greatest feelin a kid could ever ask for. On Christmas Eve day my family goes to church. We then stay in the house all day, finish cooking for the party at my Grandmas later on that day. I come home after Christmas breakfast and watch movies like A Christmas Story, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and Miracle on 34th Street. By 4 o'clock im going nuts! We get dressed while the carols play and then head to grandmas. we bring all the old christmas tapes of us as kids. That nights filled with memories thats in our hearts forever. Those are some Christmas Eve traditions my family celebrates. Please im open to replies

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    are you talking about halloween? wth?

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    your CHristmas Eve plans sound great. unfortunately when I was a kid my parents didn't know what a camera was or how to use one LOL because they have no pictures of us from the time I was two til now. I guess that is why I love my digital camera so much I get pictures at every get together we have. so the younger kids have some memories.

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