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Thread: HELP! Need an awesome Santa Hat!!

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    HELP! Need an awesome Santa Hat!!

    Hey all, new poster here but I need some help. Last year I saw a guy walking around town with an awesome Santa hat. It was long, the ball was on the end of a string and the velvet was deep red, maroon almost. The brim was snow white and had old-world style embroidery all over it. Unfortunately I didn't ask him where to get one so I'm at a loss.

    Any Google search on Santa hat turns up endless links to cheesy two-dollar hats that I can get at any Wal-mart.

    I want the real deal. I want the best Santa hat that anyone around here knows about. Links please? Thanks all and I do appreciate the assistance.


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    I'm beginning to think I dreamed the whole thing. But I couldn't have... if it had been a dream the Santa Hat I saw would have been worn by a Cowboy's Cheerleader. Instead it was some old guy with a beer gut. Hmmm maybe my dreams are broken!!!

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    No one? Ok, well thanks. If someone does come across a link please let me know. Thanks again and hope everyone has a great year.

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    hi lazysumo!!!

    iam sorry i cant help on that one...!!!!

    but hello anyway..

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    I'm not sure if you have anything like this around where you live, but in a small town near my home there is this beautiful 3 floor christmas store - and nothing in it is like the stuff you find in Wallmart. They have every kind of style and everything is so exquiste - we drive 1 1/2 hours out every year to pick out our Christmas ornaments each year and they do have gorgeous Santa hats. They are a small family owned business and aren't available online, but if you count find a small shop like this near you, you could luck out.

    The other option would be a high end department store.

    That's it - I'm fresh out of ideas.

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