Tips On How To Decorate Your Christmas Tree

I have been decorating Christmas trees for many years now! Here are a couple of tips which might help you along the way.

Tip1: Get your tree out and place where you will be keeping it if it is a real tree make sure it stands in a bucket and there is water in there this is very important as you will keep the tree looking fresh and it should be ok for the whole of Christmas and the pine needles will not drop and go brown. Artificial trees make sure they are sturdy for what purpose you going to use it for so it's up for the job in hand.

Tip2: Always put the Christmas tree lights on first! I have watched so many people put all the Christmas decorations on and ornaments the tree looks magical then you put the lights to find out they do not work so you have to take all the decorations off. So lights on first please.

Tip3: Get all decorations and tree ornaments out lay them on the floor then decide what colour theme are you looking for and a theme this is very important a tree full of miss matched decorations can really spoil your tree.

Be creative with your ornaments if you have an elf doll try putting upside down in the tree it looks really different and I catching.

Tip4: So you now have Christmas tree decorated so you are now proud to show it off to your friends and family. Not quite finished yet! The bottom of the tree if you have a real tree then you have got a ugly bucket there if it’s an artificial tree you will have metal legs or plastic legs get some red or green material and drape it around the base also some cotton wool is good idea to make it like snow seen. Place some features around the bottom of the tree.

There you have it you should now be looking back at yourself saying I can be proud of my Christmas tree this year.

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