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Thread: Bows, ribbon, string on your gifts?

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    I just simply used colorful stuff for my gifts to make it nice in the eye .

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    I always take the time to wrap presents nicely! I love it! But Im not to crafty when it comes to making bows or anything, so I just use the ones with the sticky part on the back
    It's the most wonderful time of the year!

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    Quote Originally Posted by olga View Post
    There have been times where I do not want to unwrap my gift, as it is so wonderfully wrapped...

    Me, too!
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    So, I unwrap it very carefully and before that, Im taking it a wonderful photo..

    And so, as Tiny Tim observed, "God Bless us!! Everyone!!''
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    I would think that you have great colour and decorating sense! that's very nice...
    I too, wouldn'tmind wrapping up presents in every different type of bow, ribbons or some berries of christmas tree ornaments even..
    they look really nice.
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    I try to decorate my christmas gifts as fancy as possible, but am not very good at it. I usually do wrapping paper then ribbon. But my 2 girls love the bows you stick on so i buy a bag of them to decorate there presents for friends.

    Also my mum is amazing at wrapping and decorating matter what the shape.
    Steph xx
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    This is a collected items that have bows on it.
    I made it from etsy's treasury feature.
    Might be helpful in some bow or gifting ideas. ^^
    Handmade Gift Ideas for Christmas and other occasions

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