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Thread: Gingerbread Dolls

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    Here is one alternative -- buy a costume and stuff it. You could stuff it with old cloths, etc
    This site has a childs and an adult.

    I ordered one for my front porch. I think the grandkids will like it. There are photos of the guy in it and a video. I will have to sew a zipper up the back , attach the head and sew some soles on the bottom to clse the legs. I can stuff it and after christmas remove and fold away. I am going to try the old cloths first maybe use some pillows.

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    I found two gingerbread men at two different yard sales today, not exactly what im looking for but for a quarter how could i say no! And the Hansel and Gretel ones I was looking at are TY beanies and thye are only I believe 8in but then once sitting down a lot smaller

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    christmas gift

    I am every time expect that day get the any one doll from any one gifted to me...

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