In December 2012 Jessie "Jet Set" Hudson was an early casualty in a frightening increasing problem in April 2012 Mr Hudson was featured in a music video by Bartbaker a take on LMFAO's Sorry For Party Rocking called I Should Have Worn A Condom and he sung the following... “Doctor says my Aids is full blown now, I Should Have Worn a Condom, Got so many kids that I lost count, I Should Have Worn a Condom, Gonorrhea crabs and syphilis too I Should Have Worn a Condom, And if you wanna bang I’ll give em to you, Cause I don’t have no condoms” indicating that Mr Hudson had not only a variety of STDs including Aids, Gonorrhea, Crabs and Syphilis but also had a lack of access to condoms hence him singing I don't have no condoms these problems with STDs tragically caused Mr Hudson to have a heart attack in December 2012 aged 59, in the wake of Mr Hudson's death problems with STDs have snowballed.

X Factor Band JLS who have had a total of 8 number 1 singles in the UK between 2008 and 2011 and launched a range of condoms in 2010 with a name which is a take on Jack.The.Lad.Swing which stands for JLS entitled Just.Love.Safe which also stands for JLS following the split of JLS some sources which include Jealous Pigeon Records Ltd who commented on this link which reveals the UK's favourite JLS tracks in the wake of the news that JLS have split up think that following JLS's split the JLS 'Just.Love.Safe' condoms will not be on sale any more also sharing this opinion is Metro newspaper who also think there will be "no more novelty condoms" with JLS’ faces on the condom shelf the absence of JLS condoms could mean less condoms especially after another popular X Factor band One Direction rejected a condom deal in December 2012 and less incentive for JLS fans to buy condoms at a time when following the release of "High School" by Nicki Minaj ft Lil Wayne which is a song so sexually explicit it actually gives the listener a STD, Anderson Cooper's 360° featured an report by Dr Donald King which emphasised that "Nicki Minaj lyrics are so filthy that they are hotbeds for bacteria and Lil Wayne lyrics are also virtual parathyroid issues the combination of the two somehow created a airborne STD a sonic strain of herpes if you will" high profile casualties to the airborne STD include Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un.

Now I am no genius but I am not a brainless bimbo either (hello Helen Flanagan) and I can take an educated guess that a combination of no JLS condoms, no One Direction condoms and High School Herpes is going to cause few issues.

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