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Thread: Sack from Santa for my Boyfriend...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MacShirts View Post
    Well Im around that age group and I think a lot of guys like me are into videogames and things. If he is, there are a lot of videogame themed pj pants (Halo, Mario, Xbox360, Wii, etc etc) that you can pick up for around 10 dollars. What other things does he like?
    I'm actually doing a "gamer kit" in a box for my brother-in-law this year for Christmas. He LOVES video games; his favorite is Call of Duty, and since Walmart has CoD pj pants, I'm going to get some of those for him. I'm also going to get him a couple of his favorite energy drinks, some candy bars, a thin blanket and pillow for those late-nights where he stays up late gaming and falls asleep on the couch... I might make him some kind of gamer keychain, or get him one of those game keychains; last year I found an Atari controller keychain for my DH, but I don't think my BIL is into the old school games.
    I'm not sure how I'll package it yet; I want to think of some kind of creative way to do it, but I don't know yet.

    Do you think your BF might like that kind of thing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by minimadj View Post
    Hello all, im new to the forum and really want to get prepared for christmas this year, so expect to see me asking lots of questions!

    This year will be mine and my boyfriends 1st Christmas together and I want to make it really really special and one to remember, so im going all out this year!

    I've been looking around and want to get him a personalised sack to put presents from Santa in and have found one measuring 58x92cm, but the problem im having is thinking of things to put in it.

    I don't want anything too amazing in the sack from santa, just like novely gifts, games, boxers etc. but I lack the imagination to fill the whole sack!
    Any idea's of what I can fill it with?

    If it helps... he's 20 years old and an Arsenal supporter!

    hi, i no how you feel, i do a sack every year for my bf, have you checked on ebay for personalised items, i brought a mug for my bf last christmas from ebay and the seller was able to print a picture of our kids on the mug with a message, maybe you could be a mug with a picture of the both of you on it, or even a pint glass with personalised message,
    maybe some of his favorite aftershave, favorite chocolates,

    usually i put things like new mach 3 razor
    my bf loves wearing caps, so i usually put a few of them in there
    my bf smokes so i get him a new zippo lighter - if you search on ebay also, you can get them persoanlised
    either a personalised mug or pint glass
    my daughter this year has brought her dad a model car which is exactly the same as what her dad drives
    dvds, maybe favorite box set
    hair clippers set
    t shirts
    pair of jeans
    a new watch
    i usually get accessories for his ps3 eg, ps3 speakers, control pad, bluetooth headset to speak online with whilst playing online, i dont no if any of these ideas will help
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    Wow your boyfriend sounds quite a lot like mine. Just replace Arsenal with Ajax(thankfully mine is not that into memorabilia.)

    If he's not playing Hattrick online yet, maybe you can make him a coupon for a 3 month membership(You can play for free, but for €10 you can get all sorts of features.) My boyfriend loves football manager and loves Hattrick too.

    Maybe some new gear for his pc(if he has one) is nice too. Like a keyboard or a mouse(some are not that expensive).

    Does he like comics or something like that?

    Maybe a nice picture of you/you two together in a frame?

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    I've never heard of Hattrick so will look into that!
    No he doesn't really like comics, but he's easily amused by any sort of cartoon animal that speaks orientated DVD's (he's so childish!)
    So I've got him G-Force on PS3
    Happy Feet DVD
    Another Talking penguin DVD (can't remember the name of it)
    A 'Pinga' teddy (coz he's already got pingu)
    Madagascar 2
    2 pairs of Mr Men boxers
    tubes of sweets

    Thats all so far, but I have found these IQ puzzles just to fill it out which are good, its like a bent bit of metal wire with a sort of loop thing on it, and you've got to get the loop off!
    They're hard but something a bit different (ebay them, I think it only cost me 4 including postage)

    Like I said, I want to get a personalized sack, but want to get everything for it 1st before I know what size to get.
    Although I suppose it'll look very generous with presents flowing out of the sack!

    Its so hard! All I've been thinking about is what I'm going to put in his sack and not really worrying about what I'm going to buy him for his actual christmas presents fopr under the tree!!

    Thanks for all the advise so far though, its really helping!!

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    sounds like you got a pretty good start on it already this year. I hope he appreciates santa this year. Have fun filling it. I just love buying things for my greats. I have to finish up the first four then I can start on the last four. anyway good luck!
    Wishing you many hot cocoa mornings and firesky nights throughout the new year!

    (((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))) Everybody Needs a Hug
    It changes your metabolism ((((((((((HUGS))))))))))!!!

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    you come up with everything you need? What about adding some of his favorite snacks and a six pack of his favorite sodas? A movie he might enjoy, or even tickets or gift card to see a movie in theater?A CD of his favorite music. Football themed electronic games you can hook up right into the television, or other board games you might like to play together. Does he like fishing? Camping? Hunting? Tackle box, knife, camping gear, Camouflage stuff would be cool. Hoodie? Does he wear hats? just a little help

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    Maybe an Arsenal dvd?


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