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Thread: Looking for Santa

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    :santa: Looking for Santa

    I was curious if anyone knew if there is someplace to find a reproduction of the vintage santa cutout in the movie Pearl Harbor. That's the kind of santa I grew up with and I would love to find one somewhere.

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    Welcome Kat5!

    I'm afraid I can't recall the Santa cutout in the movie- I'll have to look for it when I watch the movie again. But, one of the threads on here has a website that has the vintage looking decorations- I was looking at the Hallowe'en ones not too long ago. They might have it... I'd have to look for the thread, but you may want to poke around- it's only got like 3 responses in the thread- it's a short one.

    Good luck!
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    I don't know the santa you want. But look here, see if this 6' poster for cutout will do


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