Piña Passion

•1 ounce lime juice
•3/4 ounce passion fruit nectar
•1/2 ounce peach brandy
•3/4 ounce Demerara rum (86 proof)*
•3/4 ounce gold rum
•1 pineapple slice, canned
•3/4 ounce honey
•medium size pineapple

Pour the first seven ingredients into a blender along with 1/2 cup of crushed
ice. Blend all items.
Pour mixture over ice cubes placed in a cored out pineapple or over ice in a
*Demerara Rum is a blend of mature rums from Guyana, the only country in the
world legally entitled to call its rum Demerara. Before blending, each rum is
aged in oak casks to bring out its full character and flavor. The rums are then
carefully blended to produce a fine Demerara rum of particular smoothness and