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Thread: New Xmas movies/cartoons

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    New Xmas movies/cartoons

    Sure the classics can be cool...but I'm in dire need of something new and tasteful, no Bad Santa and none of that 3D cartoon stuff. Anyone know of anything out within the last 5 years worth checking out?

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    Try "Elf", with Will Ferrell. It's a riot!

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    Another vote for Elf!

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    I've heard some pretty decent things on the newly-released 'Four Christmases'. I haven't seen it myself so I can't really say, but the trailers made it look pretty entertaining as well

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    I read some really good Maxine cartoons about CHristmas. she has her own website as well if you want to check it out!
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    elf is hilarous and I like all the Tim Allen (Santa clause 1, 2, and 3) movies

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