Hi group - newbie here - but Xmas is already being talked about by my sis. She adopted a three great kids last year and she came in for Xmas from L.A. for 7 days/nights. I love my sis and she's my best friend. We had a ball last year, but it was the first time with us having kids stay at my house over the holidays and so we had a few challenges - just things we learned by experiencing them and after Xmas my sis and I had a long talk about what worked and what didn't and what we'd do differently this year.

Number one was that the visit was too long. I miss my sis to death, but it's like, you can't make up for living far apart by spending a lot of time together in one week. We were exhausted by the end of the week. She called me tonight and said she was looking at booking her Xmas airfares so she could get a good price and she was saying she was looking at Dec. 20-27. We were on another subject - finances - and had limited time, so I didn't want to get into the whole, how long should they stay at Xmas conversation. Last year I had suggested five days and four nights.

What does everyone think about this?

The other issue is sleeping arrangements. There are several issues: her kids are 15, 12 and 5 and so they stay up to different bed times; the five year old has a sinus problem that needs surgery and she snores like a truck driver (no offense to TDs!); I have a three-bedroom home and two couches, but I'm in one bedroom and I have a roommate in another; the five year old wasn't used to sleeping in unfamiliar surroundings and kept waking up throughout the night and calling for me or my sis - so every night one of us was exhausted from being woken up by her. If we had her sleep near us we couldn't sleep because her snoring breaks the sound barrier. Last year I had all three kids sleep on the floor in the one extra bedroom and then I slept in my bedroom and my sis slept on the couch. We are trying to come up with a better arrangement. I have a rec room where the Xmas tree is and I have a formal living room (a split-level ranch). I'm a light sleeper so I can't have someone sleep in a room with me. The two older kids seemed well rested.

Any ideas for resolving this? Thanks!