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Thread: What do you do on easter?

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    We go to church, then hunt for easter eggs in the back yard at my moms. I make a HUGE ham, and mom usually makes potato salad and baked beans. I put out a couple of plastic eggs with $$ in them so that my boy can find them.

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    Don't do much now when I was younger used to go on Easter Egg Hunts in the garden I just eat my eggs I've been given.

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    Easter was alot of fun when the kids were small. We would color eggs the night before. I would set up the big baskets and hide eggs for the egg hunt. We would all get together after church for dinner(ham, scalloped potatoes, asparagus, cake with coconut frosting) . All the little cousins would be dressed in their Easter best - they were so cute! My youngest niece is now 13; the oldest almost 28! So those cute days are over! Miss them!
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    Easter is always more fun for kids than adults.

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    Never had any Easter traditions.

    This year I'm making an Easter basket for a teen nephew and toddler niece. So far I have a bubble wand, peeps, a kite and chocolate ducks.

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    going to have a nice dinner in my new home as i'm having my sister and my nieces here and have a candy hunt.
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    Easter in Greece is the most important annual religious feast (Christmas is the second one).

    Every day of Holy Week, most families, so as my family too, gather in church every morning and evening..

    On Holy Thursday the bright dyed red eggs that are symbolic of Easter in Greece are prepared.
    Tradition says that the Virgin Mother, Mary, dyed eggs this color to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ and to celebrate life. Every Greek family prepares these eggs, first thing in the morning..
    Women in Greek families are also busy baking koulouria - dough cookies and Tsoureki - traditional sweet bread for the Easter feast.

    Good Friday is a very mournful day and that day is The Procession of the Epitaphios of Christ.. Flags fly at half-mast, church bells toll, everyone holds a candle, following the Epitaphios for at least 2 hours..

    The only day people is happy is Sunday, where Jesus is resurrected from the dead and a big eating / drinking / dancing thing is starting and lasts for 2 days, in every village square of the country..
    You will also see people carry around a brightly colored egg that day and when they meet another person, they knock their eggs together saying, "Christ is risen".
    And so, as Tiny Tim observed, "God Bless us!! Everyone!!''
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    We don't do much. It's just a good opportunity to relax and spend time with your family We have a meal and obviously lots of Easter chocolate!

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