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Thread: Multicolored lights - what's your verdict

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    Feb 2009
    Connecticut, USA
    The benefit of having white lights up outside, is that I can keep them lit longer- they're more "winter" festive than just "Christmas".
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    I prefer white lights. I think they are so beautiful. They kinda fit in with the whole Christmas theme-- Jesus (purity), snow, etc.

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    I like multicolored lights and have used them on my FR tree except for this year as I got a new prelit and only came with white lights. My kids were disappointed as they love the multi. I still decorate outside with the multi. This year I only put lights around the front door tho.

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    Peterborough, Ontario Canada
    multicoloured lights fit better with my candyland theme, it gives my yard more colour than just red, green and white while still looking like christmas!

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    Allen, TX
    I really do prefer multi-color lights because it just seems HAPPIER. But a problem they have is that multi's tend to not throw as much light as white lights. I need a tree that throws so much light I can read a book by it.

    A solution I came up with is a 2-stage approach. First, wrap the trunk with a long strand of multi-color C-9s for internal glow. Second, hang beaucoup multis by wrapping and weaving strands along each branch. If the tree is pre-lit - add MORE.

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    Love the multi-colored lights and so do my kids. I forget exactly how many I use, but its alot.
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    i love multicoloured lights the more the merrier. i love finding new places to put them . i even found small sets of battery operated lights that you can put around mirrors and pictures. cant wait for christmas.

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    Oct 2009
    I love multis on the tree. But we use white outside.

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    Acworth, GA
    Never Never Never put plain colors on my tree or on my house, or in my yard. Icicles fine and dandy if they are white or maybe even the faceted kind that give the rainbow effect...but everything else MUST be color...no themes for me...more color the happier I will be

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    I have mixed feelings about it. I like both, although I have been using just clear lights for the past 5 years or so. Or I sometimes put on mostly clear, and then maybe 2 or 3 strings of multi. There is just something, oh I don't know, I can't even describe it, about having just white lights that you don't get from multi. Then again, when I was a child, we had mostly multi (my dad would put white lights around the trunk) and when someone suggested all white lights back then, I thought ugh, how boring, are they nuts?? multi lights on a tree are so beautiful. So, I like all multi, all clear, and/or a mix of the two. And because of this, I never took part in the poll because none of the options fit me.

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