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Thread: Christmas Elf Name

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    Perky O'Leary

    I like that, lol.

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    Cheerful Floppy-Feet. It's almost as if someone knew I had giant feet.
    I wish you a hopeful Christmas
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    Quote Originally Posted by King Rick View Post
    Cheerful Floppy-Feet. It's almost as if someone knew I had giant feet.
    lol, my soon-to-be 17 yr/old son does, too. He wears a 14 or 15 (US) but my brother's got him beat by 1 size

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    The link doesn't seem to work, so I found another site - here are the instructions:
    Your first elf name corresponds to the number of syllables in your human first name:
    1: Sprinkles
    2: Peppermint
    3: Lemondrop
    4: Glitterpants
    5+: Gary
    Your last elf name corresponds to the number of pets you have:
    0: Von Mistletoe
    1: McSprinkleson
    2: Frostytoes
    3: Kissypants
    4: Gingerbreadman
    5+ (awesome parents, btw): Merrymaker

    Your toy-making specialty corresponds to your favorite holiday movie:
    Elf: Socks
    Home Alone: Dolls with bodily functions
    A Christmas Story: PUPPIES
    Love Actually: Violent video games
    How the Grinch Stole Christmas: Books intended for someone 5 years younger than you
    Another cartoon: Really ugly Christmas pajamas

    Your favorite thing about the big ol' jolly guy corresponds to the first letter of your crush’s first name:
    A-F: His jolliness
    G-M: His cool beard
    N-S: Mrs. Claus
    T-Z: That he’s never on a diet.

    What did you come up with?

    Lemondrop von Mistletoe Socks Mrs. Claus

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