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Thread: What Kind Of Shopper Are You?

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    You Are a Reluctant Shopper
    You really don't enjoy shopping. For you, it's just another chore.
    You approach shopping systematically. You research what you're going to buy and come prepared with a list.

    Of all the types, you are the most likely to not buy things you don't need.
    You try to de-emphasize stuff in your life. You find shopping and buying things to be a rather empty experience.
    Its the season to be jolly

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    You Are an Impulse Shopper
    When you go shopping, you have no set strategy. You just browse until something catches your eye.
    You like sales, but you mostly like them because they're an excuse to shop.

    Of all the types, you are the most likely to be a shopaholic. You can't stop shopping!
    You're not the kind of person who makes a list or plans what to buy. So sometimes you end up with too much stuff.

    yep i would say about right.
    Steph xx
    So excited for christmas 2012

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    You Are a Loyal Shopper
    You are a very picky shopper and tend to be loyal to a few brands.
    You are willing to pay extra to buy from a brand you trust.

    Of all the types, you're the most likely to own many designer items.
    You don't seek out sales as much as most people... unless it's a sale at your favorite store!

    I actually disagree with that though. I mean, yeah, i am loyal to brands i like. But i also new brands as well. And i seek out sales a lot: it's the only way i can afford to buy all the stuff i buy for people for christmas!

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