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Thread: Which you prefer: paper Christmas cards or electronic Christmas cards?

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    Paper, of course. There is nothing more traditional than to hang up personal greetings from friends. If I get an email, I find myself printing it out and hanging it anywhere! It's just not as pretty!

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    My wife and I always go paper. We take pictures of our family and put them on cards. They seem to be a big hit!
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    I usually send paper cards to friends and family and we have a charity christmas tree at work in reception, where you buy a tag for 1, write a message and that acts as a card for everyone at work. All the money goes to charity.


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    custom plastic bags

    Be eco friendly dude!!!!

    I'll stay with paper cards cause you can keep it and maybe post in your wall so that you can remember how joyous Christmas ...:

    Christmas will not be perfect with out paper cards so start designing your own card guys!!!

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    I prefer to send electrical cards. I usually make cards by myself with Photo MovieTheater. I can write what i want to say in it, or even record my voice. Then I'll send it through Internet. It is much faster and really creative!

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    I love the regular traditional paper cards
    It's the most wonderful time of the year!

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    I like elecronic cards too, as, they can be really useful, sometimes.. (sending by mail to colleagues, or people you do not like very much)..

    Of course, (to be honest), nothing can be really compared to the old traditional way of writing/receiving paper cards..

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    Well I send mostly paper cards, usually ones that I make. I do send a few e-cards to internet friends. I prefer to receive paper cards as I like to hang them up on display. E-cards are less personal and I think fine for casual friendships or if you are on a budget.

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    Paper cards. Its just the best in my opinion.
    Its the season to be jolly

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    Paper cards totally...they may take more time, but it IS the thought and effort that mean the most. Especially when you see how different the cards are - some cute, some funny, some warm and toasty. It just means someone was thinking of you...Electronic cards should be for your electronic friends only! If certain people are really special, don't they deserve a little more effort and thought?

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