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  1. Remember that one REALLY good December you had?

    Me too. Well now it's time to pay Santa Claus (and Jesus) back for it by voting for Santa Claus in the gamefaqs dot com homepage poll and keep the Christmas spirit, and faith, alive.
  2. If you don't want the wonderful Christmas carols to stop...

    Vote for Santa Claus in gamefaqs dot com's homepage poll! He is currently losing and severely needs your help! We cannot let this happen to Santa!!!!!
  3. Want to see another game like Merry Gear Solid in your lifetime?

    Go to gamefaqs dot com and vote for Santa Claus on the homepage poll!!!
  4. Replies

    Christmas magic is fading away!!!

    Want presents this year? Go to gamefaqs dot com and help Santa Claus defeat the evil Link
    in the homepage poll! (He is on the naughty list for goodness sake!)
  5. If you want to have fun this year, vote for Santa Claus!

    Go to gamefaqs dot com!

    Santa Claus needs your help winning the character battle!
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