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  1. I think i want an ipad

    I think i want an ipad
  2. Early Christmas Displays - Too Early in September?

    My wife and I often wonder, when is the time to start the Christmas stuff?

    How exciting! A lovley idea...

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    Absolutely freezing for this part of Australia...

    Absolutely freezing for this part of Australia 40F at night and 60F during the day Brrrr.!:welcome::welcome:
  4. Out of Season decorations; Early or Late....

    I Have a Cafe Restaurant and we are often accosted for closing early.
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    It can be Christmas Everyday at our place - own...

    It can be Christmas Everyday at our place - own twin 3 yr olds love playing Christmas games year round, so we have a little tree and some gifts out all year round.
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    Definitely Artificial - but organic

    My wife has bought us an artificial tree, made with organic "leaves" and recycled stem.

    It is such a talking point, and has featured in our hamper promotions.
  7. Taking down decorations...

    I agree, it is sad...

    We wait until just after New Years and take them down when we come home from the beach.
  8. Bah Humbug Gifts are Tacky and Cheap

    We have an Australian based website selling local Gourmet Food and Wine Gifts fro Christmas.
    You would be surprised how many people actually WANT Tacky and Cheap gifts added to their hampers.
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    Australian Christmas Hampers

    Just got back from a weekend walking through the rainforests.
    Finally back online!! Feels good!
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    Valentine's Day?

    Just recovering from the Christmas Splurge and mid February hits and we are completely broke - usually share some flowers I picked on the way home from school...
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    Saving for Christmas

    We make regular deposits into our "special" account so we always have some cash laying around. But yeah, it is always a stretch.
  12. Would love a reliable car so we can go away for...

    Would love a reliable car so we can go away for the weekend with our neighbours and the children.
    Had some greatgourmet food from our Chef friends restaurant and the fire was roaring hot every night.
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    Australian Christmas Hampers

    Sending a quality Christmas Hamper is no easy feat - but we have a small family business based in the Hunter Valley where we sell local honey, jam, chocolate, wine and sourdough - plus of course the...
  14. Christmas Music Never loses its value

    Last Christmas item I purchased was a few CDs featuring old time crooners doing the all time favourites.

    Mother in Law loves them. lol.:merrychristmas:
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