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  1. Great Gift for teens or Mom's and Dad..for Wii

    I have played video games for a long long time and my son bought me a Wii last year and gave me a couple of games....They are addictive challenging and for the better word simply great.. No shoot em...
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    Fabulous....Really great....send it around the world...
  3. great stuff

    that was a lot of work...very nice enjoyed it a lot...Merry Christmas
  4. Santa and His Cowboy Sleigh....sing along Christmas song for the family

    I can't believe I am another year older...How about you... To all of you who have gone in the past and watched my video a big thank you..To all the newbies here's a cute country style sing along tune...
  5. idea

    I'm 51 and I don't want anything exactly like your Dad....But trust me get him something cool, like go to a gold/coin shop and buy him some silver eagles or if you have the money a small gold coin.....
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    more info please

    What city is this show from and what are the hours?

  7. It's Official, It's Christmas Time...Come sing along

    I have had such nice success here at All Things Christmas, so before I go any further thank you all for watching my video....If you have already seen it, as a few thousand of you have, well take the...
  8. Great sing along Christmas video on youtube

    Well it's been over a year since I posted to this group about my Christmas song "Santa and His Cowboy Sleigh" I have over 3,000 hits on youtube and it's taking off... So please go and enjoy it, make...
  9. Santa and His Cowboy Sleigh sing along song

    It is hard to believe but a year has passed by already...I posted this here last year and thank you to all the kind remarks...My goal this year is to cross the 5,000 hits on youtube...Not bad...
  10. Thanks for the kind words

    Thank you for the kind words and thank you for the other Christmas videos with lyrics... I enjoyed that a lot...I made my little video with lyrics hoping somebody somewhere would actually sing along...
  11. Fantastic New Christmas Holiday Sing Along Song For The Whole Family

    An Instant Christmas Classic For all Ages... Sing Along And Fall In Love And Share With Your Family And Friends...Enjoy

    Merry Christmas.....
    Enjoy The Video,

    Go To YouTube And Do A Search For...
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