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    I would be open to it. It certainly ties in with...

    I would be open to it. It certainly ties in with the Disney Princesses--her main 2009 gift was a Target 7-Pack of Barbie-type DP's including The Princess Frog's Tiana. If you could direct me, I'd be...
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    Do you have a vid list?

    I don't know why it took until last month before I finally put together a list of all our Christmas vids on MS Word. Our hope is to take it with us when shopping this year, to solve the inevitable...
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    I need a specialty star topper

    In 2008, I bought my little niece a miniature tree from Target, one themed to the Disney Princesses. It seems to be one of her prized possessions, and she confided in me that she now wants a star to...
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