It Will Always Be Christmas

  1. Caninemom3
    Well, I guess I am the first one to post a discussion. I just have to say that CHRISTmas will ALWAYS be CHRISTmas to me because for me it about a very important birthday. When I was a child, nobody ever would have considered calling it anything BUT Christmas. I think the people who do not want to celebrate it or want to call it something else should not be imposing their opinions on the rest of us who DO want to celebrate it. I will not say "Happy Holidays." It is Christmas to me and it is about Christ.
  2. olga
    Of course, lets not forget the other side of the coin

    Happy Holidays" is, for many people, the most appropriate greeting for the holiday season when somebody don't know for sure what a person is celebrating.
    Happy Holidays" means treating everyone equally rather than showing favoritism towards just the Christians who celebrate Christmas.

    By choosing a narrower greeting, you're only wishing them well for one of their holidays. Why not wish them well for all the holidays they celebrate?
  3. SilverBells
    We celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ and the right thing to say is . That comes out naturally. By saying Happy Holidays the true meaning of Christmas will eventually evaporate into thin air and it'll end up being just a great meaningless holiday. It's our holiday, our Christmas holiday that a lot of non-Christians enjoy nevertheless. And that's OK. Everybody calls it Christmas. 'Cause that's what it is.-
  4. mina553
    i like how u said it sb soon they will 4get the true meaning of the word christmas God sent his holy only son 2 be born of a woman 4 us it is indeed a vert special time .
    soon they will 4 get that the day pray was removed from schools it was the beginning of the end i hate how they try 2 push their wicked beliefs on us .
  5. mina553
    it is the birt of my lord & i will call it that Christmas
  6. SilverBells
  7. mina553
    It will always be merry Christmas to me .
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