We Start Decorating The Day After Thanksgiving

  1. noelglori
    I always start decorating the day after Thanksgiving. I feel Thanksgiving needs to have it's special time all to itself for Thanksgiving is a very special holiday.
    But after Thanksgiving, deer hunting starts and while hubby is hunting, I'm decorating (helps to keep my mind off of him being in the woods with others who are not so careful).
  2. PumpkinJack81
    I agree Gloria; Thanksgiving is a special holiday and deserves its special time too. Plus, decorating the day after "turkey day" gives you something to look forward to.
  3. elf_lisa45
    I love to decorate for christmas starting on thanksgiving day.
    our yard is unseen hah
  4. Christmas_Freak1993
    ... yeah, i start decorating as soon as halloween is over. i'd start earlier, but that seems a little disrespectful, dontcha think? heehee.
  5. olga
    Although, in Greece we do not have a Thanksgiving day, 1st November has always been the day we decorated home.

    I wake up early, making a hot chocolate, putting on a Christmas CD with old time classic songs and start decorating. That day is very special for me and it really makes me feel so happy..

    It takes me 2 weeks to finish decoration. The first night of decoration, even if I am in the beginning of it and feel exhausted,
    I always watch ''The Muppet Christmas Carol'', drinking a glass of wine... Its just my happiest night..
  6. Christmasplease
    Hi, how do I get a picture instead of a question mark?
  7. SnowAngel
    Christmasplease: I just figured out how to do this. Go to "quicklinks" at the top of the page and from the scroll down menu, select "control panel." You will then see the avatar option on the left hand side of the screen.
  8. Christmas_Freak1993
    Hey people!! Just wanted to say, Happy Holidays!! As Halloween is in 30 days, i can officially start preparing for christmas without getting scared looks from random people at stores and stuff!! I was at blockbuster, and they had some christmas toys and candy out already, and it made me happy inside! As you can tell, because so far, every sentence i've written ends in an exclamation mark!
  9. mina553
    we decorate on Nov 1st
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