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  1. good morning steph..
  2. um, frosty? I just found that you had sent me 3 visitor messages, from back in November 2012; I answered one of them, but, this is weird, I don't even remember you being on atc back then ?? my memory is not what it used to be. in one, you asked me if I celebrate thanksgiving, which I never answered. I think I was having trouble with my computer back then or something, or having some kind of problems. anyway, I guess these visitor messages is different from the messages we have been sending?? I'm a little confused, but anyway, if you don't get a response from me on these things, it's only because I don't know I have them or don't quite know how to use it or whatever. and to answer your question from 11-04 -2012, lol, yes, we do celebrate thanksgiving. This year, it will either be just my almost 18 year old son (my baby) and me, or else we will be invited to our friend's or someone in their family
  3. hi buddy...
  4. looking forward to you celebrate thanksgiving?
  5. Hi, Donald. I would insert a happy elf or some such thing, but the list no longer appears when I'm on ATC.
  6. hi......
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