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  1. hi snowflake.....
  2. belated birthday wishes *snowflake*...hope you had a wonderful time...
  3. i"m fine thanks for asking.....wish we had snow...we normally get loads of snow at this time off year but have had nothing...i promised the kids i would build them a snowman...but nothing yet...there"s still hope yet of snow this year....hummm!!!...can"t believe there"s only another week left in will be christmas again before we know it.....
  4. really good,how are you? we are expecting some snow tomorrow but I'm not really sure if it will actually fall.
  5. hi are yeah!!!!
  6. thank youhave a nice weekend you tooyou will see,when spring comes everyone wakes up for Christmas
  7. well done you....hope you get good results....hope things start picking up on the forum soon...have a great weekend snowflake.....
  8. yes,it's always quiet around February,March. Well,I'have done all my final exams for this semester so now I can relax a little bit
  9. i"m fine thanks for asking snowflake....looking forward to the build-up to christmas 2013 on the forum.....but the forum has been mighty quiet lately.....good to see you on here....hows things with you?
  10. Hy,how are you?
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