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  1. I hope so too but Arseanal is good this year.
  2. yes we did "snowflake"...i think this is our year...manchester united are NOT winning the league this year.its up for GRABS..
  3. well we won I wasn't home so I couldn't watch but saw the goals today
  4. hi "snowflake" are we going to win today my friend..
  5. no, I watched England..much better game for watch We were horrible in the last four games, I was embarrased. Today they announce new manager Niko Kovač who is doing great job with U-21 team, hope things will be better from now on
  6. hi "snowflake"..did yeah watch the footie last night..scotland 2 croatia 0...
  7. uh, it was close...but at the end
  8. yaaaaaaaaaaay.."snowflake"..3-1
  9. hmm, yeah this would be a good result
  10. of course, you ?
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