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  1. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear MissSantaClaus, Happy Birthday toooo youuuuuuu!!!

    August 18 is my sister's wedding anniversary and August 19 my mom's birthday. Lions are strong people. I bet you are too.
  2. HI : ) How are you`? No I am not on vacation. I celebrated my brithday yesterday. I was not online very often because at the moment I am not in that Christmas mood because on September 15th i need a heart catheter. But after that I will we back
  3. Hi MissSantaClaus, how are you? Are you away on vacation? Take care!!!
  4. Hey, I joined
  5. Hello MissSantaClaus
    Thank you for the warm welcome. Really appreciate it. I'm loving every minute I spend online here. Take care
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