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  1. she is fine tink..she heard my getting up for a drink of water and she got up and never went back to bed..
  2. Oh, dear.. I hope the girls are well..

    Just heading off now, see you in a bit..
  3. its here too tink..heating has been on since 5am this morning..ive been up since of the twins woke then..
  4. Morning, frosty..

    It's a bit outside this morning we have had our first frost...
    About to head out to get some glasses, blind as a bat, me..
  5. good morning tink...
  6. LOL!!!..OMG!!..halloween is only a few weeks away..
  7. Errrrr, Houston we have a problem.....LOL......
  8. tink..they are blooming hyper now without all the E"S..LOL!!
  9. That is so sweet and I bet the will be a sugar rush after with all the E's....
  10. kids are excited about halloween tink..we got them spider outfits,they can"t keep them
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