For those who just can’t wait to get started with the Holiday decorations we offer these wonderful Halloween Christmas Tree ideas. We’ve already suggested a few options for Summer Trees and Autumn Trees, so this is the next logical step. Here are few ideas to decorate your tree for Halloween in style!

Black and White

Best Halloween Christmas Tree Ideas 1

Nothing is as classy, or as simple as a Black and white tree. The perfect Halloween Christmas tree that you can leave up for the rest of the season.

Candy Corn Tree

Best Halloween Christmas Tree Ideas 4

You may not have even known that a tri-colored Candy Corn Halloween Christmas Tree even existed, but now that you do, you totally want one, don’t you? It doesn’t really matter how you decorate it – it’ll be the perfect Halloween tree (although we love these paper ghosts to bits). Candy Corn tree available from Treetopia.

If you don’t want to commit to a whole tree, there are other Candy Corn tree options:

Black Christmas Tree

Best Halloween Christmas Tree Ideas 3

Adorning a large or small black tree with skulls and orange baubles is the perfect spooky, haunted Halloween Christmas Tree decor idea. You don’t even  need a full-sized tree for full impact, just some choice decorations to make it creepy!

Purple Tree

Best Halloween Christmas Tree Ideas 5

Okay, maybe I snuck this one in here because I am literally obsessed with purple… or maybe it’s because I could never see this as a real Christmas Tree so it should be for Halloween, either way, I think it’s lovely, and would fit right in during a Halloween Party or otherwise.

Witch Tree

Best Halloween Christmas Tree Ideas 2

Probably the most common Halloween Christmas Tree idea I’ve seen, sometimes the witch is crashed into the side, but the key points are Hat, Broom and Stockings/feet. It’s a cute, and fun (and in this particular case, very sparkly) way to celebrate Halloween with a tree.

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