If you’re looking for some inspiration for a Candy Christmas Tree, here are some Sweet examples. These wonderful and whimsical trees are the perfect alternative to a traditionally dressed Christmas Tree design, and especially if you have kids or candy fanatics in your house, adds a sense of wonder and magic for your holiday. Check out our favourite Candy Christmas Tree ideas below!

Gingerbread Tree

Best Candy Christmas Tree Ideas

How great is this? With just a few Gingerbread house, men and candy-themed accessories (we LOVE the ribbon!) you can have a sweet-looking tree in a snap! The houses could be a fantastic Craft Project for before the tree goes up too!

Candy Cane Tree

Best Candy Christmas Tree Ideas

Doesn’t this tree look good enough to eat? This Candy Cane theme could fit in to almost any home – even if you don’t have a white tree, the bright white and bursts of red would look great on any tree, especially a frosted – no wait, I mean flocked tree. Yum!

Gumdrops and Lollipops

Best Candy Christmas Tree Ideas

When I think of a Candy Themed Christmas Tree, this is probably the quintessental example. The Candy Swirl Lollipops, the bursts of Blue, Pink and Green.  If you’re looking for a tree that kids are going to absolutely love, this is a great example.

Frosted Oranges

Best Candy Christmas Tree Ideas

Not all Candy Christmas Tree ideas have to be bright and colourful, this frosted orange and pomander inspired tree is subtle, and still very sweet. Perfect for a rustic cottage, or country Christmas, not too overly-decorated, a very mature and classy Christmas tree!

Pretty Pastels

Best Candy Christmas Tree Ideas 4

This sweet-as-candy tree is just covered in adorable pastel ornaments. It’s a more subtle nod to it’s candy inspiration, but still very light, bright and festive. Again, you don’t need a white tree, but having a flocked one will make the branches look frosted!

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