Harrod’s Gifts and Souvenirs

This is, hands-down, one of my favourite spots to visit at Christmastime. Or, anytime really. Harrods Christmas World opens its doors in early September every year, and for good reason. Hundreds of Thousands of tourists visit Harrod’s, and (like me in 2015) they probably want to take a home a piece of it – why not a Christmas ornament?

Harrods Christmas World  Harrods Christmas World Harrods Christmas World Harrods Christmas World
Some of the most afforable items in the whole store are right here in Harrods Christmas World with these Harrods-themed souvenirs. Most ornaments and baubles start at £8 (about $10.75 USD). There are no shortage of options to choose from, here are a few of our favourites from the baubles section.

Harrods Christmas World Harrods Christmas WorldHarrods Christmas World Harrods Christmas World Harrods Christmas World Harrods Christmas World 
But there’s more to take home that just decorations, Harrod’s Christmas World has a good selection of Christmas treats too!

Harrods Christmas World

Harrods Christmas World

Last but not least, we found this cute Harrods’s Musical Christmas Advent Calendar.

Harrods Christmas World

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