‘Merry Christmas’ is probably one of the most recognised phrases in the English language, nevertheless it’s always fun to learn new things, so we offer you a list to learn  how to say Merry Christmas in another language. Click on the Play link to hear each phrase spoken, you can listen to in other languages right on this page and learn how to say Merry Christmas all over the world!

How to say Merry Christmas - Featured

Most Popular Languages:

~ French
~ German
~ Portugese
~ Spanish
~ Italian
~ Chinese (Cantonese)
~ Chinese (Mandarin)

Learning new phrases in other languages can be super fun, we put together a couple of printable Activity Sheets for kids.


” ~ Czech / Slovack
~ Danish
~ Dutch
~ Irish (Gaelic)
~ Icelandic
~ Norwegian / Swedish
~ Finnish
~ Greek
~ Lithuanian
~ Romanian
~ Welsh

Other Languages
~ Afrikaner (Afrikaans)
~ Argentine
~ Tagalog
~ Hawaiian
~ Hebrew
(Merīkurisumasu) ~ Japanese
~ Korean
~ Peruvian


Now that you’re practically fluent in another language, why not check out these international Christmas albums?

Merry Christmas Around the World - Free Printables

If there’s a language you’d like to know how to say Merry Christmas in – let us know on the Forum, or comment below!